flavors of life

I see good things I cannot grasp,
laughing with friends over a meal after school
a mug of rich, hot chocolate on a rainy day
sharing an ice-cream sundae on a date
cooking grandma’s special chicken curry
having a the best sandwiches after a long walk
enjoying a cookie and a coffee
just because

a blissful unawareness of numbers
I see nuggets of happiness
head tilted back and laughter erupting
little fingers grasping onto mum’s hand
sunshine beaming through the foliage
people talking and walking
and living-
Flavors of life.

I see the sunlight as I stay in the shadows,
comfortable and alone.
I don’t know what it means to live in the sun
how to grasp the good things,
life, and happiness, and freedom.
it’s not just restricting calories
it’s restricting laughter and memories
and all the flavors of life.

Bitterness, sweetness, tanginess
a melting pot of spices
warm cinnamon coffee and good conversations
takeaway street food and walks around town
chocolate ice cream and a long cry
freshly brewed soup and a family reunion
leftover cheesy pizza and disney movie nights
when did we start counting numbers
and stop savoring flavors?

I don’t know how to eat
i don’t know how to live


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