you are also fire

I’ve always been a child of the water
the Pisces, the fish
quiet, intuitive, mutable.
But I’m also starting to realize
maybe I have fire inside me
not a cracking, burning flame
but it slowly simmers inside.

I will never be the sunlight
never be loud or bright or bold
but I am at home in the night
soft, sensitive
a gentle moonlit glow.

All my life I’ve felt less than,
All my life I’ve lived in the shadows.
But I’m slowly starting to realize,
I have light inside.

And I think
Someday, this light will take me places
Someday, the flames will fuel me
I have fire inside.
Fire that comes from feeling too much
Loving too much
Caring too much
Fire that comes from knowing exactly who I want to be, what I stand for

Maybe he was wrong
Sensitivity isn’t a weakness,
It is my light.
Now I know,
I don’t have to shine bright like them
I just have to shine like me, softly.
And someday I will shine
unafraid of laughing
unafraid of feeling
unafraid of living
I am water, but I am also fire.


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